Mignonne Karugu

Title: COO & Head of Business Development

Professional Capacity and Areas of Specialty: Mignonne Karugu is the COO of Africa Business Group (ABG), a South Africa based continentally active, African economic development company, and the Managing Director of its newly established business in Rwanda. In addition to managing the internal operations of ABG, Mignonne leads the firms work related to the facilitation of international trade and investment missions with ABG’s Italy and Germany based partner, SBS Systems. She also is driving the firm’s business development efforts in Rwanda in the areas of agriculture, off-grid renewable energy and MICE sector development. She has also been instrumental in the founding of the Global African Agribusiness Accelerator Platform (GAAAP) and the coordination of the Firm’s four year role as Program Director for the African Green Revolution Forum. Her professional experience before joining ABG was in airport services, entertainment, technology and digital marketing with Endemol, Cisco, Blue Star Digital, SITA and Equant/ Orange.

Project Management Coverage: Africa

Experience and Sectoral Focus: Mignonne is a multilingual multimedia marketing and business development specialist with over 10 years of experience. She has significant Project Management, Media and Digital Marketing experience. She has worked for both governmental and private sector institutions in a variety of front line roles. Mignonne also served as the Commercial Director for television production house Endemol Worldwide Brands, Virtual Partner Account Manager for Cisco Systems and has worked in the African Aviation Industry focusing on craft leasing and purchase. In the telecommunications sector, she has worked between two co-located multinational corporations Equant (now Orange) and SITA, that both focused on WAN development and management, the former reselling to the private sector and the later focused on supporting the African aviation industry serving as the industry’s communications backbone. Mignonne also worked in the online gaming industry as a Europe focused market development specialist, with principal offices in London, UK and South Africa. In this role, Mignonne emerged as a specialist Digital Marketing and Advertising and developed unique skills related to online media procurement, management, monitoring and evaluation as well as digital marketing campaign design, development and implementation.

Nationality and Languages: Mignonne is a native French speaker, she is fluent in English, Kinyarwanda (mother tongue), Lingala (spoken in DRC) and also speaks Swahili (spoken in East Africa). She has been resident in South Africa since 2000.

Education and Professional Qualifications:Mignonne received a Master of Business Administration degree from Hult International Business School, holds an Associate degree from Kigali Independent University and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Management Advancement Programme (MAP) from Wits Business School.