The 2007 BEE Handbook


2007 BEE Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Transformation Resources in South Africa Africa Business Media Publishing Version: Print (Paperback) Price: €35 | $50 | £25 | R390 | Standard shipping included! Availability: Available Publication date: June 2007 Language: English Pages: 150 Frequency: Annual

BEE or Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa today is “THE” most important economic driver in the country and touches upon every aspect of the country’s policy and regulatory landscape – directly or indirectly. It is the catalyst behind the country’s current economic growth and the stimulus behind rising business confidence, consumer spending, record home sales, car purchases – and even stock prices. In simple terms, BEE is a model to integrate the majority of the South African population into the country’s economic fabric – or simply, putting people to work, requiring corporate assets to reflect the population demographics and correcting previous legislation that excluded individuals from employment and ownership. Encouraging South African’s to (literally and figuratively) work together for the common good of the country. And, despite a few critics here and there, and definitely with more than a few hiccups along the way, everyone who is a participant in or witness to the Great South African experiment in democracy has to agree that BEE and the new South African government’s strategy of inclusion is working. Yet, BEE is not a static event but is a transformation process that is alive and growing. Keeping up with latest developments and how they impact upon one’s business, one’s rights, and even one’s obligations is not always easy.

This directory has been compiled as a compass in an effort to aid those coming to grips with how BEE affects their lives and activities. How to support and develop strategies to embrace BEE by easing navigation through the legislation, programmes, institutions, actors and resources that are available and emerging in support of the BEE transformation agenda. Languages: English Only

Table of contents:
The Policy Framework
Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) Growth, Employment And Redistribution Policy (GEAR)

1. The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act of 2003
2. Codes of Good Practice on BEE
3. Industry Charters
4. Additional Relevant Legislation
2. The National Small Business Act (1996)
3. The Employment Equity Act (No. 55 of 1998)
4. The Skills Development Act (No. 97 of 1998)
5. The Competition Act (1998)
6. The Preferential Procurement Framework Act (2000)

The National Government BEE Support Programme; The Department of Trade and Industry; The Department of Labour; Provincial & Local Government BEE Programmes; Selected Industry BEE Development Programmes and Initiatives; Mining Sector; Petroleum Sector; Tourism Sector; Construction Sector; Wine Sector; Franchising Sector; Selected Transformation Service Providers and Programmes; Corporate BEE Supply Chain Development Resources; Management Assistance, Skills Development & Training; Business Incubation; BEE Finance Resources; Commercial Banks; Public Finance; Provincial and Local Government Programmes; Private Equity; Corporate Finance; Deal Structuring – Attorneys; Deal Structuring – Accountants; BEE Information Resources; Selected Black Business Organizations